Marley in Miami


Bob Marley had a mystical way of lifting the human spirit. He did this for so many downtrodden folks in the Trenchtown slums of Kingston, Jamaica. Later, after signing with UK’s Island Records, he exported his message to the rest of the world. That message evolved over the years from bringing awareness to the poor and marginalized to one of standing up for peace and freedom.

From about 1965 until his unfortunately premature death in 1981 at the age of 36, Marley carried the spiritual torch of his “chants” for so many the world over through reggae and ska music. (Try finding a single place in the planet that has never heard of Bob Marley.)

Now we have a chance, if only brief, to witness a piece of Marley’s life and indulge in his massive appeal. HistoryMiami is hosting a new exhibit – Bob Marley Messenger – that was curated by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The exhibit runs from October 10th, 2013 thru January 5th, 2014.

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Miami is the exhibit’s last stop before it heads for permanent residence in Kingston, Jamaica, and follows Marley’s life through photographs, artifacts, and video installations in a free-flowing layout (kudos to local architect Shulman + Assoc.) that immerses the viewer instantly and then, again and again, in smaller parts, into the richly textured life of the2013-10-10 18.47 late icon.

There’s even a few interactive stations featuring reggae drum beat machines and drum sets where adults and children alike can enjoy the one good thing about music –

When it hits you (you feel no pain).

For more details, visit HistoryMiami’s website:

Here’s Bob Marley performing his 1973 hit Trenchtown Rock.

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