Miami: Defense Wins

My first non-music related blog post.

The Miami Heat Are Champions.  And Miami is a champion. “The Decision” went our way. We didn’t buy this team as has been whispered about the internet. We followed the rules, secured enough cap room, asked others to take pay cuts. And then we pitched the hell out of LeBron, as did Chicago, New York, and the soon to be Brooklyn Nets.

But LeBron chose Miami. He chose us.

When I read or hear people around the country trashing LeBron, I want to defend him. I yell at Skip Bayless on my TV screen. I get on Twitter and write back to strangers I will never in my life have any other contact with. I defend him, I defend the Heat, I defend Miami. Never vulgar, always direct, like a punch to the nose.

After all, the Chosen One chose us.

No one just picks Miami. They pick on Miami. And we don’t like anyone disparaging us, our teams. We can’t stand the heat. But we love The Heat. So we fight for LeBron and our team.

If only the weight of the chip on our shoulders would keep us grounded a little. But that’s for another time.  Who cares right now?

The Miami Heat are Champions.

Just try to take that away from us.

Copyright © 2012 Long Play Miami


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